History, Mission & Values


Clean Current is a private British Columbia company founded in 2001 inspired by the legacy of one of the world’s hydrokinetic pioneers  – Barry V. Davis.   An engineer on the team that designed the famed Canadian jet the “Avro Arrow”, Mr. Davis began developing and deploying turbines in early 1970’s and contributed to Clean Current’s original designs.

Clean Current is among the first companies to develop a ducted turbine with a permanent magnet and flooded generator, for which it holds one of the largest patent portfolios in the industry.

Clean Current became the first company to manufacture and deploy a ducted bi-directional tidal turbine (65 kW – 5m in diameter), which was deployed in the Race Rocks Environmental Reserve off of Vancouver Island, Canada in 2006.  That turbine is now permanently displayed at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum on Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Clean Current has one of the most experienced marine energy engineering teams in the world, and in additional to developing its tidal technology, has developed a uni-directional turbine for use in river streams.


Our preeminent mission is the “Relentless Pursuit of Simplicity”.  It drives us in our goal to become the leading developer of low-cost and high-reliability in-stream turbine electricity generation devices.


  • Honesty, integrity and fairness in all dealings.  Without compromise.
  • Customer focus. We understand that our customers are the controlling force in our corporate path to success.
  • Under promise and over-deliver.  We will ensure that our customers get more value than they bargained for.
  • Quality and excellence in everything we do. We are determined to avoid sacrificing quality for short-term expediency.
  • Innovation. We bring a fresh perspective to each new challenge. We do not allow ourselves to become constrained by the past.
  • Sustainable development. Our technology will be deployed in the environments that are by their nature sensitive. We seek to balance economics and the environment in an open and responsible way.
  • Diversity. Our company will promote a culture that values diversity
  • Sense of urgency. We recognize that value will only be created when our technology is implemented. This sense of urgency will be balanced by prudent planning and careful risk management.
  • Shareholder Value. We will create value for our shareholders.