General Description /Main Features

Clean Current has developed a family of turbines ideally suited to the marine tidal environment. Leveraging the proven technology from the river in-stream turbine (proprietary generator, bearing, turbine blade and duct) and the bi-directional tidal technology, Clean Current has added a central yawing bearing to provide the turbine with the ability to orient itself directly in-line with the flood and ebb tides. The result is a system which is simple, yet robust and designed to operate with minimal maintenance over a 25 year period. The product family has been developed to suit tidal depths ranging from 7.0  to 20+ metres of water at low tide. These units produce a rated power for a rated current speed as shown in the Table below.





Min Water Depth  (m)

 Diameter (m)

Rated  Power Output (kW)Rated Current Velocity (m/s)

This family of tidal in-stream turbines provides the customer with the following benefits:

  • Simplified design enhances reliability
  • Proprietary coatings and application methodologies
  • Fault tolerant generator specifically designed for the marine environment
  • Yawing system ensures optimal flow alignment on both flood and ebb tides
  • Demonstrated superior turbine performance
  • Totally submerged, ducted structure
  • Can be either seabed mounted or mounted to a floating structure
  • Easily deployed and retrieved, even in remote locations
  • Autonomous operation and remote performance monitoring
  • Ideally suited for remote locations as it is easily integrated with other renewable energy sources and existing diesel generation

More detailed product information is provided in the product brochure.