On September 12, 2013, Clean Current deployed a 1.5m diameter turbine at the Canadian Hydrokinetic Test Centre on the Winnipeg River in Manitoba.  The Centre is funded by National Research Council through its ecoENERGY program and is being undertaken in collaboration with Manitoba Hydro and the University of Manitoba.  Deployment and commissioning proceeded well and the turbine performed as expected.  In May of 2014, the turbine was removed for inspection. On July 29, 2014,  the Clean Current team redeployed the turbine on a new heightened foundation.  This turbine will demonstrate operation in a cold northern climate and begin to assess the challenges of frazil ice, debris and remote operation. This is also an ideal site to demonstrate the integration of single units and small arrays into an existing utility grid.


The Race Rocks Ecological Reserve was created by the British Columbia government and dedicated to the study of marine ecology.  As an ecological reserve, there was strong interest in providing power to the reserve in an environmentally responsible manner.  Clean Current funded a tidal energy demonstration unit with battery storage and power conditioning capability that would reduce the reliance on diesel generation.  The project received support from the EnCana Environmental Innovation Fund, Sustainable Development Technology Canada and the Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific. Regulatory approval was obtained in six months during 2004, satisfying the requirements of BC Parks, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Transport Canada (Coast Guard).

Clean Current designed, fabricated and assembled the 65 kW demonstration turbine and installed it at Race Rocks in September 2006.  The same team also successfully retrieved the turbine in less than 20 minutes in May 2007 and redeployed an updated unit in October of 2008. Clean Current performed the final retrieval in March 2011. As this was the first ducted tidal turbine deployed in the world, it is now permanently displayed at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Video of installation at Museum

The turbine is also featured in the “Let’s Talk Energy June 2014 Newsletter






Fundy Tidal Inc. (Fundy Tidal) and Clean Current Power Systems Inc. (Clean Current) entered into an agreement to test and demonstrate a 3.5m diameter Clean Current tidal turbine.

Clean Current and Fundy Tidal are also working together as part of the Acadia University led research project funded under Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative (ecoEII project).  The goal of the ecoEII project is to reduce the cost of tidal energy generation through comprehensive hydrodynamic site assessment techniques.