Marine Coatings

Hostile marine environments can rapidly degrade operating equipment.  The ability to increase longevity of equipment, through the application of protective coatings and other means to reduce the ingress of fresh or salt water to critical components of electricity generation equipment, results in lower cost per unit of energy. 

With twelve years of R&D experience in the hostile marine environment, Clean Current has developed special proprietary coating application methodologies to counter the impact of water on electricity generation components. 

On March 10, 2014, Clean Current achieved another milestone on its path to commercialization by demonstrating 10 years of operational life for its river and tidal generator components. This accelerated life testing program has enabled Clean Current to selectively test and demonstrate the preferred technology for both river and tidal applications. The testing program will be continued to further define the generator’s ultimate life characteristics.

Our coating technology is beneficial for other subsea applications where electrical equipment is required to operate maintenance free for long periods underwater.